our goal

Outbound Kitchen aspires to improve the outdoor cooking experience for everyone who cares about communing with nature, whether you are hiking twenty-plus miles of Sierra Nevada trails or kicking back with family at a favorite weekend campsite.  We bring our more than 30 years of combined professional cooking experience to the camp cooking world. We work to support manufacturers, inspire cooks, and nourish every hiker, climber, and camper we can reach.  We hope to further improve the nutrition, creativity, variety, and efficiency of cooking in the outdoors. 


Outbound Kitchen represents creative cooking for the outbound lifestyle.


what we do

Outbound Kitchen offers many different services that can be combined or used as standalone products to suit your company’s needs.  Our services can enrich your online content, broaden your target market, and help give your firm a unique voice.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Camp kitchen and gear testing and reviews
  • Development of individual recipes and associated media content for use on websites, sales platforms or in print media
  • Outdoor cooking and food photography
  • Teach outdoor cooking techniques and menu planning for groups and guide services.